R4E is a disabled veteran-owned company that provides comprehensive and cost-effective security solutions by partnering successful business executives and retired Special Forces Operators (Green Berets).

With access to an extensive pool of personnel, R4E is dedicated to providing a customized security solution for our clients. R4E provides employment opportunities to highly specialized veterans while meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations.

Our diverse leadership team has experts in both the civilian business industry and military operations spanning the globe. This unique blend of professionals enables us to optimize resources to best fit our clients' needs.



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One Day Pistol (Civilian)

One Day Pistol Fighting (Military / Police)

Women's Assault Prevention and Urban Awareness Course

Close Quarter Combat Course

Sniper Training

Designated Marksman


Military / OGA

Advanced Long Range Course

Long Range Hunter Course

R4E Team

Our business leadership consists of individuals with extensive knowledge and years in the defense industry, energy industries, agriculture and natural resources sectors. The veterans in our team are experienced Special Operators with years of combat experience in diverse and complex environments. They have led some of Special Operations most elite schools. The unique skill sets and experiences within our team allows us to analyze gaps in capability, develop comprehensive training programs, conduct world class training, and asset/resources protection plans. These skills have been refined and combat tested over years of training both US and indigenous forces in a wide range of special operations activities.

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R4E provides our clients with the leading experts in their respective industries to develop best-practice solutions. We believe in empowering our clients/organizations by making them more effective and efficient through education and training. This methodology has been honed over a collective half century through Special Operations experiences around the world. Our team members are experts at identifying problems, isolating the critical components, and developing innovative courses of action. We excel at training and co-laboring with our clients by working by, with, and through them to achieve cost-effective results.

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